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17 June 2008 @ 01:32 pm
Buffy 5.03 - The Replacement  

Buffy 5.03 - The Replacement

First aired: 10/10/2000

The demon Toth fires a strange weapon at the Slayer, but Xander jumps in front of Buffy at the last moment. The blast sends him sprawling into a mound of debris, but after chasing off the demon the Scoobies collect Xander who seems to be dazed but alright, and walk him home.

A few hours later, a second, very confused Xander crawls out of the debris and makes his way towards home.

Writer: Jane Espenson
Director: James A. Contner

Guest star: Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers) , Michael Bailey Smith (Toth), Cathy Cohen (Building Manager), David Rivers (Foreman), Fritz Greve (Construction Worker), Kelly Donovan (Xander Double)
(Physics makes us all its bitches): tv shows [btvs] - buffy & xander: !!!anewlife on June 18th, 2008 02:12 am (UTC)
So I think it's funny that Spike gathered his little Buffy-mannequin before he built his love-shrine. Or maybe he was building it already, only with obsessive hatred being the driving force behind it's creation rather than obsessive love stalking.

I love Anya in this. Throughout the whole thing. I love that she is the only one who even for a second notices that there is something not quite right about either of the Xanders. When he tells her he got the promotion and the apartment, she is like, "...Wait, freals? Cause that's so not you." lol I mean, it's the harsh reality, but it's endearing that she picks up on it.

I love her fear of death, and of life being too short. Sometimes it can feel like that and you go "Oh crap, only 50 years left?! But that's so short!" Saddest thing ever? When she says "I am sure I will live for many more years!" or something like that and I am like "NOOOOOOOO ANYA, 3 YEARS!!! YOU ONLY HAVE 3 YEARS!!!"


On a lighter note, LOLOLOL she totally wants to be the center of a Xander-sammich and has no shame in saying so. And Giles's line is awesome, too. As is Willow's response. God, Willow's a bit of a bitch here with the blatant Anya-hate. Ugh, Willow, get over it. Seriously.

And I HATE how we FINALLY get a Xander-centric ep, and in the end it still turns out it was all about Buffy. Buffy and big stupid Riley. And how she doesn't love him. YOU KNOW WHAT? WHO CARES!! XANDER LOVES ANYA!! AND ANYA LOVES XANDER!! XANYA FTW!!! THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!!

Xander was pretty lucky to have this happen to him right when he was up for a promotion/trying to get an apartment because he might not have had probably wouldn't have had the success he did if All-Xander and not Smooth-Xander had been dealing with all that stuff.

Also where is Tara? For like this whole thing? Just realized she's missing.

Yes. The end.
Let Me Walk, Before Theymakemerun on June 18th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I really hate it that it turns out to be about Buffy and Riley too. And how Willow hates Anya. They don't even begin to settle things until Triangle, right?

And YES OH MAN I GET SO SAD WHEN ANYA SAYS THAT ABOUT DEATH. ): Poor Anya. They'd better bring her back to life somewhere in the comics.